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Rajashree Nayak b. 1984



Rajashree’s works are primarily an effort to depict the journey towards individual growth in achieving one’s own individuality and evolving to a higher domain. It speaks about the layers of emotions that an individual faces in her routine life. The inner reflections and observations of our thoughts and emotions opens new vistas to venture. It basically manifests the challenges of our everyday life that shape and reconstruct the individuality of a woman and which eventually empower her. The figures are assertive and the compositions are explicit about the socio-economic issues of the contemporary women, through a women’s perspective.

After her post-graduation in printmaking, Rajashree has followed her artistic pursuits as a freelance artist. Her prints have been selected and displayed in many exhibitions in India and abroad. Amongst her many awards and grants she has received three awards from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation in Canada, for Printmaking in 2019, 2020 and 2023.

Rajashree currently lives and works in Chennai, Tamilnadu State, India.

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