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Kanika Shah b. 1987



Kanika competed her Bachelors in Painting and Masters in Printmaking which helped her explore different mediums. She began working with traditional techniques, and then started to involve new media, such as digital print. She has tried to explore the possibilities involved in working with two different mediums, one that has been used over centuries and another which is relatively new.

Presently she is enjoying the process of working with watercolour and mixed medias. In her works, one can see the inner world, perspectives and aspirations which she reveals by inserting simple objects such as flowers, numbers, buildings, words, and clouds. By using simplistic elements she conveys her experiences, using words repeatedly, she creates patterns. She see the world through her own eyes, her pleasures and displeasures. Each of her works has a story to tell. They narrate a journey from the artist’s soul to the world outside, from the memories of childhood to youth to a deeper understanding that is derived from age and experience. 

Amongst the many scholarships and awards she has received both within India and abroad, Kanika won the Dr. Iwasaki 1 First Prize in the 6th Kyoto International Woodprint Association (KIWA-2011) held in Japan, was the recipient of the Prafulla Dahanukar Foundation Grant in Mumbai and was winner of Abir First Take in Ahmedabad. Kanika lives and works in Hyderabad, Telangana State, India.

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