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Debashish Dutta b. 1973



Debashish’s childhood years in his village in West Bengal were often reflected in his early works along with obvious overtones of the Calcutta style of figurative and landscape painting. Indian miniature painting greatly influenced the artist’s style of representation. His narratives fit as much life as possible in a single frame. Numerous figures, each busy with their own labours, become the protagonists. These multiple characters are significant individually as well as in a group.

Dutta’s work is a continuous train of thought, varying from the actuality of existence and the necessity of survival. Working with acrylics and oils on canvas has enabled the artist to display his perspective of the vibrancy and drudgery of urban life.

Debashish has received many accolades over the years amongst those he was winner of the National Award by the Lalitkala Academy in 2018, the Prafulla Dahanukar Gold Medal for Installation in 2017 and winner of the South East Asia Award sponsored by the World Bank in Washington DC, USA. The artist presently lives and works in Baroda, Gujarat State, India.

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