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NuGa Arthouse is an art consultancy that strives to exhibit unique and interesting works of art from India and the UK. NuGa exhibits artworks from talented emerging artists and private collections. It aims to provide an international platform for works of art that are easily accessible, trusted and valued by art collectors around the world.

NuGa was established in 2011 by Nupur and Gargi, who have a passion for Indian art and a deep commitment to ensure that the collection of art is a personal and enjoyable experience. With offices in London and Ahmedabad, NuGa have excellent and trusted relationships with a range of recognised artists, private collectors, auction houses and art centres.

NuGa Arthouse provides art enthusiasts and collectors around the world an opportunity to see and acquire works that are rare, original and highly collectable. We primarily work with emerging artists who are setting a benchmark in their field. In addition, we provide a range of services that will make the acquisition of artwork an easy and enjoyable experience. A list of services offered by NuGa Arthouse are listed below. 

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A large part of what we do is Art Consultancy. We provide a detailed consultation and advisory service for those interested in building a collection or adding to their existing collection of artworks.  We also work with private individuals and organisations wishing to exhibit and/or sell their private collections. 


Working closely with galleries, auction houses and private sellers we are able to acquire works that may not be currently available in the market. If you are looking for a specific artist or genre of work, do get in touch and we can help you find that special piece.


Many of our artists are happy to take on special commissions. Perhaps there's a birthday or anniversary and you are looking for something personalised. We can help find the right artist to bring your ideas to reality.


We work with an excellent team of art scholars, practitioners and experienced curators who value, appraise and authenticate works. NuGa only houses works that have undergone a rigorous process of screening and verification to ensure that each piece of artwork is genuine.


We work with individuals and institutions to help organise and curate their existing art collection for viewing. Whether it is your home, office or gallery we can assist in the display of your artworks so they can better enjoyed.

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